Stop smoking laser therapy

Stop smoking laser therapy since 2002 at Freedom Laser Centre.

Freedom Laser Centre opened its doors in Kitchener, Ontario in 2002. Our goal is simple: to make quitting smoking easier. We use stop smoking laser therapy to help our clients to quit more easily.

Originally we were located near King & Victoria. We eventually moved to Belmont Village, and were located at 684 Belmont Ave. There we helped thousands of clients in-clinic. In 2013 we changed to a completely mobile service. The same excellent stop smoking laser therapy and success rate is now available in the comfort and privacy of your home.

stop smoking laser therapy
Stop smoking laser therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home with the LaserSTOP system, offered exclusively through Freedom Laser Centre.

3 ways stop smoking laser therapy helps you to quit.

Stop smoking laser therapy is simple and effective. It helps to reduce the amount of effort you need to quit. It does this by helping in 3 key areas:

Lessens cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Firstly, LaserSTOP helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The treatment painlessly stimulates points on the ears, face and hands. Some of these points naturally stimulate the body to release endorphin. This helps to take the edge off cravings and withdrawal symptoms for most people. For some, the treatment eliminates them entirely.

Lowers stress and stimulates relaxation.

Secondly, it helps by reducing stress, helping you to stay calm and relaxed. Stress, anxiety, frustration and irritability can quickly throw a wrench into your plans to be smoke-free. Our proprietary system of points make sure most clients don’t have to work too hard at keeping calm and staying relaxed.

Controls appetite.

Finally, it helps to control appetite. This means you don’t have to choose between eating and smoking! Gaining weight is an unacceptable trade-off for some people. Very effective appetite control points mean most clients don’t experience a change in eating behaviour. This means most LaserSTOP clients don’t report any significant weight change.

The LaserSTOP treatment is effective enough that over 90% of our clients quit smoking after just one treatment. Over 15 years of clinical feedback and client surveys stand behind these numbers. A small percentage will choose to have a second treatment down the road. Some of them, to help stay smoke-free. Occasionally, people slip up and need help getting back on track.

Stop smoking laser therapy has a 30-year history in Canada. All devices we use are Health Canada approved Class 3B lasers.

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